Motors FAQ

Bone Motors

Motor Usage
FK Motor Traditional key frame animation with rotation and translation for each bone.
IK Motor Movement for consecutive series of bones, legs, tail, neck, etc; pose the end bone without needing to pose each bone.
Smooth IK Motor Recommended for automated walk cycles; same as IK motor, but more subtle, guaranteeing no popping, but not as accurate as an IK Motor for positioning.
IK Rotate Motor Designed for automated rotating walk cycles; the same as the IK Motor, but movement in a circular arc.
Smooth IK Rotate Motor Designed for automated rotating walk cycles; the same as Smooth IK Motor, but movement in a circular arc.
Bend Physics Motor Any type of bending or bouncing that is attached to another motor driving the force; floppy secondary motion, cloth, flesh.
Smooth Bend Physics Motor Recommended for low end devices that cannot expend the compute power; the same as Bend Physics Motor, but less accurate and lower quality.
Pin Rope Physics Motor Pin the end/ends of consecutive bones; the physics reacts to the ends that aren't pinned. For example, a vine, rope, or hair held on one end -- direct with motion on the areas that are not pinned.
Rotate Cycle Motor A rotation motor that rotates bones back and forth -- useful for rotation or to drive a Bend Physics or Pin Rope Physics Motor.
Move Bounce Motor Vertical and horizontal bouncing that can be combined, adds secondary motion to the other motors.
Free FK Motor Identical in function to the FK Motor, except that it operates in World Space.
Leg Motor Designed to animate 3 limb leg motion for simulating walking motion. Usage is similar to IK Rotate Motor.
Custom Cycle Motor Plays back custom captured animation in a loop. Can utilize the animation data from a non-looping cycle and play it back on similar bones.
Path Bone Motor Animate bones to follow along a user defined spline path.

Deform Motors

Motor Usage
Blink Motor Use for blinking
Cage Motor Deform/distort/morph/warp the mesh with an enclosing cage; pull on the external shell; distort the outline of the mesh region
Control Points Motor High quality blinking, talking, mouth opening/closing, area distortion and more; place a circular control point region of influence within the mesh, warp that region by translating/scaling/rotation and its surrounding points; directly manipulate areas on the mesh
Flap Motor Wing/object flapping
Physics Motor Soft body physics; squishy character, high quality cloth, hair, flesh, slimy/gooey material
Simple Transform Motor Uniformly scale/translate the mesh region.
Grid Motor Deforms the mesh region based on a user-specified grid.

Force Field Motors

Motor Usage
Direction Force Field Motor Applies a wind-like force onto physics motors in a specified area.