DeepMotion Neuron

The Digital Cerebellum for Interactive Motion

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DeepMotion Neuron enables developers to detect and reconstruct full body motion for a diverse range of applications. With a powerful runtime simulation + perception engine and character motion learning pipelines, DeepMotion Neuron is designed as an end-to-end solution for interactive, digital character motion. Extract movement from real-world examples to simulate characters, avatars, and machines: bring novel forms of expression and connection to any experience.


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Interactive Digital Avatars

Transform your 3D assets into dynamic characters that can be tracked in real-time, for your next AR, VR, or mobile application. Natural, performant, and physically reactive.

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Learning and Retargeting

Break free from canned animation. Teach characters or robotic agents interactive skills using limited data and seamlessly retarget your motions to diverse character types. Using physics and AI we’ll help you turn one animation into endless, interactive simulation.

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Magic Motion Data

Generate high fidelity motion data from 2D video with DeepMotion’s Motion Perception Engine. Remove artifacts from raw motion data without expensive post-processing. Capture biometric data, create new 3D data sets from simulation, and retarget your captured motions to multiple characters.

DeepMotion Technology in Action

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