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Text to 3D Animation

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Generative 3D Motion
Speak the Vision

Direct digital beings with your words

Motion at Your Fingertips

Get Full Control In Your Browser

SayMotion™ requires an internet connection and a web browser - that's it! Type in a text prompt, select a character and see your motions come to life. Easily add your motions to your projects in .FBX, .GLB, .BVH, or .MP4 export formats.

Move Beyond Stock

Craft Unique AI-Fused Animations

SayMotion's Inpainting tool leverages generative AI to add to, extend and blend animations, surpassing standard stock libraries. It enables unique, customizable creations by allowing you to insert prompts into your animations for dynamic visual storytelling.

Immersive 3D Animation

3D Generative AI Goes Beyond 2D

Introduce depth, control, and flexibility needed to provide immersive experiences essential for gaming, film, and VR/AR/MR. This technology simplifies animation pipelines, making it a game-changer for experienced developers and new creators alike.

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