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Neuron Demo

DeepMotion Neuron

Motion Intelligence for Virtual Agents!

Automate your 3D characters using DeepMotion’s physics-based procedural animation tool, Neuron. Using deep reinforcement learning, articulated physics, and a few seconds of reference data, we’ll help train your creations to do backflips, capoeira, skateboarding, and more.

Intelligent Character Simulation is Coming

Neuron is the first tool for completely procedural, physical character animation. Leveraging decades of experience in game development, animation, and machine learning, we’ve built a cutting-edge suite of tools that enables natural, physics-based simulation. Using minimal reference data, Neuron allows you to train motion skills to digital characters, as well as smooth transitions between motions. DeepMotion assets are interactive and performant enough to run on mobile!

How It Works: Six Steps

Step 1: Upload Your Character

Take your bipedal character file and upload it to the cloud!

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Step 2: Add Physics

Configure your character to our simulation rig and we’ll automatically add physical attributes at scale like joints, musculature, bone density, and more.

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Step 3: Select Your Behaviors

Select behaviors to teach your character interactive motions like backflipping, leaping, combat moves, and more. Upload your own training data or browse our Motion Library to add Behaviors to your Collection.

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Step 4: Train!

Hit "Train" and we’ll retarget the selected skills to your character rig using our custom algorithm.

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Step 5: Parameterize

Modify your character’s physical attributes to affect their movement style and strength.

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Step 6: Download

Export a new control file for your intelligent character and download our SDK for Unity or Unreal to work in your preferred game engine.

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The Rest is Only Limited By Your Imagination

Use DeepMotion Neuron to include interactive characters in your extended reality experiences, automate tedious animation cycles, or save time prototyping!

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