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June 16, 2022
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Animate 3D: Hand Tracking FAQ

DeepMotion's Animate 3D’s new Hand Tracking feature enables markerless hand motion capture from any video! Check out the FAQ.

Animate 3D: Hand Tracking FAQ

Animate 3D’s new Hand Tracking feature enables markerless hand motion capture from any video! Full-body Tracking, Face Tracking, and now Hand Tracking are possible with no suits or hardware needed! Check out our full announcement here.

How do I access the new Hand Tracking feature?

The new Hand Tracking Toggle is located under the ‘Animation Output’ settings. Simply turn it on and generate your animations as normal. Please note with Hand Tracking turned on, your total animation will cost an extra .5 Animation Credit per animation second or pose.

How should I frame the subject in my video for optimal Hand Tracking results?

You can upload any video that is full-body (head-to-toe), half-body (head-to-waist) with hands visible. It is recommended for hands to be visible at all times. The larger, more clear, and less occluded the hands are in the video, the more accurate your results will be.

Hand Tracking Capture Example

What resolution should my video be?

Since hands are small relative to the human body, we recommend uploading at least full HD resolution of videos (1920x1080px) in order to capture enough details of hands for optimal Hands Tracking.  

Can my subject wear gloves?

It is not recommended that the subject of our Hand Tracking capture wears gloves. Our AI is trained on the natural hand shape and gloves occlude the natural hand contours of the subject. Similarly, long sleeves or other items covering the hands will affect the animation quality.

What hand motions are not yet optimized?

We are continuously polishing our new Hand Tracking feature and have identified for our Beta launch the following motions that are not yet optimized:

  • Hands touching face or other areas of the body
  • Hands interacting with one another, like clapping hands together.

How do I download my Hand Tracking animations?

When the new Hand Tracking feature is turned on, the hand animation results will be combined with the normal Body Tracking data and available for you to download in BVH, FBX, and GLB formats. Body Tracking, Face Tracking and Hand Tracking animations should now all be available in the same animation file when all features are turned on.

Will additional Animation Credits be charged if I turn on Hand Tracking?

You can use Hand Tracking with either the 3D Animation or 3D Pose options. Each option will cost 0.5 Animation Credits per second or pose.

Can I use the Custom Character feature with Hand Tracking?

Yes! As long as the following hand joints are included on your Custom Character and named similarly. The hand joints include:

Left Wrist

Left Thumb first segment

Left Thumb second segment

Left Thumb third segment

Left Index first segment

Left Index second segment

Left Index third segment

Left Middle first segment

Left Middle second segment

Left Middle third segment

Left Ring first segment

Left Ring second segment

Left Ring third segment

Left Pinky first segment

Left Pinky second segment

Left Pinky third segment

Right Wrist

Right Thumb first segment

Right Thumb second segment

Right Thumb third segment

Right Index first segment

Right Index second segment

Right Index third segment

Right Middle first segment

Right Middle second segment

Right Middle third segment

Right Ring first segment

Right Ring second segment

Right Ring third segment

Right Pinky first segment

Right Pinky second segment

Right Pinky third segment

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