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July 1, 2021
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Animate 3D: V3.0 - Face Tracking & Annual Plans

DeepMotion's Animate 3D now has Markerless Face Tracking with the V3.0 Release.

Animate 3D: V3.0 - Face Tracking & Annual Plans

Face Tracking is now available for all users! Check out our full announcement & our Face Tracking FAQ.

Portal Updates:

  • Face Tracking Setting: Try the new Face Tracking feature by turning on the Face Tracking toggle under your animation settings.
  • New Animation Previewer: The new previewer provides users with the ability to scrub through your animation, pause, skip, control your animation speed & more!
  • .MP4 Sound: Your video sounds now render with the .MP4 export.
  • General Bug Fixes: Addressed various issues concerning custom character uploads, animation process time outs & more!

Animation Quality Update

  • Head Rotation Tracking: The rotation of the head will be more accurately tracked around the vertical ‘Y’ axis.
  • Position Confidence: We’ve improved how our AI interprets certain motions so that body parts don’t make erratic movements as often.  

Subscription Update - Annual Plans: All subscription levels can now be purchased as an annual subscription plan, giving you a significant monthly discount! Check out all the options here.

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