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September 1, 2021
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Animate 3D V3.2 - Motion Smoothing, MetaHuman/Unreal Engine Compatibility + More!

Animate 3D V3.2 launches the new Motion Smoothing feature and Unreal Engine / MetaHuman Compatibility + much more!

Animate 3D V3.2 - Motion Smoothing, MetaHuman/Unreal Engine Compatibility + More!

The Animate 3D V3.2 release adds the new advanced Motion Smoothing feature, lots of new intuitive UI features to guide users through the animation creation process, MetaHuman + Unreal Engine compatibility and much more! Check it out.

Portal Updates:

  • Motion Smoothing: The new Motion Smoothing feature applies an advanced AI filter to help remove jitter and produces a smoother animation. This new feature provides you with the flexibility to manually set the degree of smoothness from 0.1 - 1.0. It’s recommended to test different levels of smoothing as your animations have a chance to become less accurate and lose motion fidelity the higher you set it. Currently available for Professional and Studio subscription plans.
  • Unreal Engine / MetaHuman Compatibility: The new “Root Joint at Origin” setting allows you to more easily retarget your animations in Unreal Engine. This setting also provides compatibility with MetaHuman characters. You can check out the full tutorial walkthrough here.
  • Job Setting Confirmation: A new job confirmation pop up will appear when you click “Create Animations” that recaps all your settings along with your available animation time and expected animation time deduction for a more clear and streamlined experience.
  • Animation Settings in Library: Your animation settings for past jobs can now be  accessed in your library for easier review. This will only populate for new animation jobs moving forward.
  • Animation Quality Check: A new AI check will analyze your input video to determine if it meets a minimum threshold requirement for animation quality. If it fails the check, your job will fail and you will not be deducted any animation time. If a job fails, it is recommended to reshoot your video or upload a new video that follows our capture guidelines here.
  • MP4 Export Improvements: Users can now choose to keep or remove the audio from their original input video with the new ‘Enable MP4 Audio’ option. In addition, more options are now available for the MP4 camera motion under ‘Enable Camera Motion’ - Cinematic: The camera is following the character as the character is kept in the center of the frame. Fixed: The camera is set in a fixed location and the character will move freely. Face: The camera will keep the face and the torso in the center of the frame.

Animation Quality Updates:

  • Improved Hip Motion: New spine joints have been added to our skeleton which enables higher fidelity hip tracking
  • Improved DMPE: The DMPE sports analytics output now has smoother animation by applying point cloud optimizations.

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