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March 19, 2024
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SayMotion™ by DeepMotion: A Leap into the Future of 3D Animation Through the Power of Words

The Future of Animation is in Open Beta. DeepMotion launches SayMotion (formerly MotionGPT) Open Beta. Join today for free!

SayMotion™ by DeepMotion: A Leap into the Future of 3D Animation Through the Power of Words

SAN MATEO, CA, (MAR. 19, 2024) – DeepMotion, an industry pioneer in AI-powered motion capture technology, proudly announces the official launch of SayMotion™, a revolutionary creator platform poised to transform the landscape of animation creation. This cutting-edge tool makes 3D animation accessible, efficient, and cost-effective for creators across diverse industries.

Imagine a world where creating stunning 3D animations is as easy as describing your vision. SayMotion™ by DeepMotion brings this vision to life, going beyond other generative AI animation tools. With a simple text prompt, intricate 3D motions are generated effortlessly in minutes, allowing creators to take the director's seat and bring digital actors to life with their words. View the full trailer here:

Building upon the success of Animate 3D, DeepMotion's earlier AI motion capture cloud service, SayMotion™ represents a new era in accessibility and efficiency in motion generation. The generative AI solution behind SayMotion™ eliminates physical barriers, enabling an even wider audience to effortlessly create visually engaging 3D animations from a simple text prompt, with video prompts in the works.

"By harnessing generative AI, we’re unlocking a new era of accessibility and efficiency in motion generation, enabling anyone who can utilize a text input to create engaging 3D animations," said Kevin He, Founder & CEO of DeepMotion. "This technology empowers creators of all backgrounds and will revolutionize industries looking to create immersive experiences in only the way that 3D can, from game development, virtual experiences, sports, motion graphics, the Metaverse and beyond."

Key Features of SayMotion™:

  • Imagine. Animate. Amaze: Transform words and upcoming video prompts into 3D animations with a simple prompt in minutes.
  • Dynamic Motion Editing: Inpainting empowers users to merge, modify, and enhance 3D animations, offering superior flexibility compared to traditional stock animations.
  • Easy Integration: Export animations seamlessly to .FBX, .GLB, .BVH, or .MP4 formats for effortless project, experience and world integrations.
  • Web-based Accessibility: SayMotion™ requires only an internet connection and a web browser, making it accessible to creators worldwide.

SayMotion™ is set to launch and be available to everyone in an Open Beta on March 19, 2024. Funding is now open for those interested in supporting the company’s growth and product development. To learn more about SayMotion™ and DeepMotion, visit /saymotion.

About DeepMotion

Established in 2014, DeepMotion has been at the forefront of intelligent motion technology, bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms. Committed to bringing digital characters to life through physics simulation, computer vision, and machine learning, DeepMotion continues to revolutionize the animation industry.

At DeepMotion, our mission is to build the largest AI-generated 3D animation platform, democratizing the creation and use of digital human motion. We make our technology accessible and user-friendly for diverse groups of creators, innovators, and industries, allowing them to breathe life into their virtual characters through lifelike movement.

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