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March 30, 2021
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DeepMotion + Wolf3D: Create Personal Avatars & Animate Them With AI

DeepMotion has partnered with Wolf3D, leveling up the Animate 3D Custom Character feature by adding the Ready Player Me avatar generator...

DeepMotion + Wolf3D: Create Personal Avatars & Animate Them With AI

DeepMotion takes its AI motion capture to the next level. Animate 3D turns videos into 3D animations, providing unparalleled access to markerless body tracking with untethered freemium accounts. If full-body motion capture from a single RGB video wasn’t enough, the Custom Character feature released at the end of 2020 brought users the freedom to use their own 3D characters directly on the platform for easy previewing and automatic animation retargeting.

Now with the help of partner Wolf3D - a company focused on bringing personal 3D avatars to the digital world - the Animate 3D Custom Character feature levels up by adding the Ready Player Me avatar generator in the most recent V2.5 update. Users can now create their own unique avatars from directly within the web service. Within the Animate 3D portal the new feature is located under the new ‘3D Models’ section of all accounts - time to begin creating!

The Ready Player Me avatar generator lets you generate an avatar from a single image or create a character entirely from scratch. To create an avatar that looks like you, simply upload your picture and you’ll get a look-a-like 3D character ready to animate. You can navigate straight through to the customization options if you prefer not to upload your own pictures. There are over 200 customization options, allowing users to change outfits, hairstyles and more!

Once you decide on an avatar, you can save it to your Animate 3D account, ready immediately for animating. No downloading or converting, you can simply upload a video and your avatar will be instantly animated with your chosen video motion clip. Within a few minutes, your 3D animation is ready for exporting to your desired creative program as an FBX, GLB or BVH animation file, or for other uses as an .MP4 rendered on a custom colored background of your choice.

“We want to bring the Animate 3D users a high quality and low cost end-to-end AI animation service. However we saw a gap in accessibility to personalized 3D characters. Now with this new avatar creation feature, thanks to the Wolf3D partnership, our users can create their own avatars and 3D animations instantaneously from 2D images! We think this feature adds a personal touch to our service that our users will enjoy, furthering our goal to make 3D animation accessible to everyone.” - Kevin He, CEO of DeepMotion

The new Ready Player Me feature is available now in the Animate 3D portal. If you’re looking for a nudge to get in and check it out, DeepMotion just launched their Animate 3D Contest Spring ‘21 where you can win thousands in cash and prizes just by creating an animation! Check it out at

How to Create a Ready Player Me Avatar in Animate 3D

Step 1: Create an Animate 3D account, no credit card required

Step 2: Enter the Animate 3D portal, from your left hand menu, navigate to the ‘3D Models’ page

Step 3: Go to the ‘Create Character’ tab at the top and click the “Create Your Avatar” button to begin the process

Step 4: You can choose to either upload an image, or proceed without one. Headshots with good lighting work best.

Step 5: Click ‘Done’ and your character will be added to your Available Characters.

Step 6: Go to your Available Characters tab, choose your new avatar and now you can ‘Create Animation’.

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