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December 19, 2023
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Introducing DeepMotion's Free Animation Credit Program!

With the Animation Free Credit Program, you can now earn back all the credits you used to create your animation, providing potentially unlimited access to this tool.

Introducing DeepMotion's Free Animation Credit Program!

We’re thrilled to announce DeepMotion’s new Free Animation Credit Program! This program allows Animate 3D users to play a vital role in shaping the future of generative 3D animation while providing extended free access to our AI motion capture platform.

What’s the Animation Free Credit Program program? 

DeepMotion’s Animate 3D allows you to generate 3D animations from any video using animation credits. With the Animation Free Credit Program, you can now earn back all the credits you used to create your animation, providing potentially unlimited access to this tool. Simply add a text description to earn Animation Labeling Credits, and then you can earn Animation Correction Credits in our Rotoscope Post Editor. Use both of these free credit features for the best chance at getting 100% of your credits back! 

How It Works:

To begin earning Animation Labeling Credits, visit the DeepMotion Portal - sign up for free. When you Create a new animation job a new text labeling box will appear once you’ve uploaded your video. Provide a detailed description of your video, covering all aspects of motion as thoroughly as possible - the better the description, the higher Animation Labeling Score you will receive and the more credits you can earn! Once your animation has been processed, you can then begin earning Animation Correction Credits using the Rotoscope Pose Editor to correct your animation quality, the higher the Animation Quality Score, the more credits you can earn!   

To kickstart your journey, we have prepared a comprehensive walkthrough tutorial here.

You can also check out our Free Animation Credit Program FAQ.

Quality Score & Guidelines:

Your Animation Text Labels and Animation Corrections will be rated with a Quality Score. The higher the Quality Score, the more credits you can earn! 

For Animation Text Labels, ensuring detailed descriptions is key for earning the most credits possible. Be sure to cover all aspects of motion including types of action, motion styles, direction, velocity, emotion, etc.

Animation Text Label Examples:

Best Description: A person stands up quickly with hunched shoulders and moves 10 feet forward, walks clockwise in an angry manner, and then reaches out with their left arm to grab the left arm of a chair, lowering themselves heavily into the seat, resting their chin in the palm of their left hand which is now resting on the arm of the chair.

Good Description: A person stands up, walks clockwise, and sits down.

Bad Description: A man walks.

For Animation Corrections, improving and polishing your animation output in our Rotoscop Pose Editor is key to getting the most Correction Credits possible. Be sure to check out our Rotoscope Pose Editor Tutorial on how to use this powerful tool.

For a detailed guide, dive into our documentation.

Credits Reset Monthly:

Make the most of your earned credits within your plan month noted on your personal dashboard. Earned credits do not carry over. 

Why Participate In the Program?

We recently announced SayMotion, our new generative AI platform for creating 3D animations from a text or video prompt. Your participation helps us pioneer this new tool, enabling you to be at the forefront of generative AI animation technology. By contributing you play a crucial role in refining and enhancing the platform's capabilities. This collaboration not only provides you with hands-on experience in cutting-edge animation technology but also offers the opportunity to shape the future of 3D animation.

Be Part Our Community:

Join us in pushing the boundaries of animation technology. Dive into the Free Animation Credit Program, earn credits, and unleash your creativity.  Be sure to share your creative works with our community in Discord! 

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