Walkthrough Tutorial

Earn Free Animation Labeling Credits

Follow this walkthrough tutorial to earn free animation credits by adding text labels to your animations. Before you can get started you need to create an account- check out how using our Account Creation Tutorial for help in signing up.

View the full tutorial here or follow the steps below. Let's get those credits rolling!

Step 1: Log in to DeepMotion and launch Animate3D.

Navigate to the Animate3D dashboard to check your plan details, including available Animation Credits and Free Animation Credits earned through labeling or correcting animations with the rotoscope pose editor.

Step 2: Enter The Animate 3D Creator & Start Your Job

Access the Animate 3D Creator and initiate your job following the usual Animate3D creator process.  To understand what kind of videos work best with Animate 3D please refer to our Capture Guidelines. Please note that  you can earn Free Animation Labeling Credits by choosing any option, such as 3D pose, Single Person Motion Capture, or Multi-Person Motion Capture.

After making your selection, upload your video, choose your 3D Model, and seamlessly advance to the next step. Simplify the process for a smooth experience.

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Step 3: Once your video is uploaded, the Animation Labeling Credit Box will surface.

Use this box to enter a descriptive text for the uploaded video or photo. For a comprehensive understanding of the animation labeling credit process, review the full details provided.

Maximize your credit earnings with these quick tips (refer to the ⓘ on the right of the box title for a quick refresher on the best criteria to follow).

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Step 4: Write your short description to earn your Free Animation Credits 

Compose a brief description to earn your Free Animation Credits. Please be aware that the exact number of credits earned will be disclosed after your job has been processed.

Follow these quick tips to maximize your credits:

Labeling Guidelines

To ensure that your labels are effective and highly valuable, we've established some guidelines:
  •  Keep your descriptions concise (try to keep it to 50 words max) while maintaining informativeness.
  •  Each label should encompass at least two aspects (action type and style).
  •  For lengthier animations, prioritize entity level descriptions, noting durations where necessary.
  •  Utilize inclusive language effectively to describe motion.

Best Description: A person stands up quickly with hunched shoulders and moves 10 feet forward, walks clockwise in an angry manner, and then reaches out with their left arm to grab the left arm of a chair, lowering themselves heavily into the seat, resting their chin in the palm of their left hand which is now resting on the arm of the chair.

Good Description: A person stands up, walks clockwise, and sits down.

Bad Description: A man walks.

Consider the following when labeling:
  • Action type: e.g. squat, kick, run
  • Direction: e.g. forward, clockwise, left, right
  • Body parts: e.g. arms, hip, left hand, right arm
  • Velocity: e.g. fast, sprint
  • Trajectory: e.g. clockwise circle/square, Z-shape
  • Relative position: e.g. right hand side, over head
  • Emotion: e.g. angry, joyful, spiritless
  • Style: e.g. effortless, energetic, fluid, mechanical, frantic

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Step 6: Set your Animation & Video Output settings and proceed to create. 

Step 5: Evaluate Earned Credits and Quality Score in the Previewer

After your job has been processed, you can now view the Animation Labeling Credits earned, determined by your description. In the previewer, assess your animation quality score and the credits earned. Utilize the Rotoscope pose editor to enhance the pose quality score. Save your edits, animate, and earn free credits to refine and polish your animation.

Step 6: Refine your job in the Rotoscope pose editor to earn Animation Correction Credits. 

Elevate your pose quality score, save your adjustments, animate, and earn free credits while enhancing the cleanliness of your animation. See the tutorial for Rotoscope Pose Editor to learn how to adjust your motion and earn additional credits as your improve your animation quality.

Show Off Your Creations!

The Free Animation Credit Program contributes to our new generative AI platform, Say Motion, turning text and video prompts into 3D animations. Your creativity and descriptions play a crucial role in training this innovative platform.

Thank you for being part of this journey as we continue to enhance the credit system and please show-off your creations in our Discord Community!


To quickly find specific topics or keywords, simply use the search bar. Additionally, if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our team through our new Discord.