File Types & Output

SayMotion has a variety of export formats, providing flexibility in integrating with different tools and platforms. The following animation formats are compatible with both your animation output and custom character uploads. It's important to note that all custom characters must be full-body characters. For detailed instructions on character import, please refer to our custom character guide.

Here are Animation Formats formats that SayMotion supports:

  • BVH (Biovision Hierarchy): A widely used format for skeletal animation data.
  • FBX (Filmbox): A popular file format for 3D models, animations, and scenes.
  • GLB/GLTF (Graphics Library Binary/Graphics Library Transmission Format): Compact formats for 3D scenes and models with embedded textures and animations.
  • VRM - VRoid Studio Characters are directly supported for import. DeepMotion Animate 3D and SayMotion have native support for VRoid characters - check out our tutorial to see how you can start animating your VRoid characters.

Video Export Settings - Generate An MP4 Video

In addition to animation files you can also select MP4 Video as an output at the cost of Animation Credits. The Video Export Settings box will automatically open after animation generation. Currently, direct preview of MP4 backgrounds with the generated animation is not available. However, the video export settings empower you to customize your MP4 video. Explore diverse background options for your animation render, including camera mode and angle. There's no restriction on the number of MP4 outputs you can generate as long as you have enough Animation Credits to generate new MP4s. For more in-depth guidance, refer to the Portal Walkthrough.

Video Export Settings


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