Video Prompt Guide

Video Prompts Coming Soon!

SayMotion, our prompt-to-3D animation tool, currently supports Text Prompts in the Beta phase and we're gearing up to introduce Video Prompts, opening up new possibilities for creators to generate unique motion effortlessly.

Why Video Prompts?

Video Prompts enhance communication for complex motion descriptions.  This feature allows for more efficient communication of human movement, transcending language barriers without the need for precise wording. Unlike motion capture, video prompts as an input enable SayMotion to interpret the motion and generate new unique 3D motion animations tha are close approximations to the motion that was input.

How Are Video Prompts Different From Animate 3D AI Motion Capture

With Video Prompts in SayMotion, you won't get a 1:1 mapping of the motion input. Instead, SayMotion interprets the video as directions and provides a new unique motion. If you're looking for an exact match, Animate 3D AI Motion Capture is available now.

Stay tuned for the evolution of animation with SayMotion's upcoming Video Prompt feature – a game-changer for creators seeking unparalleled expressiveness in their 3D motion projects.


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