Portal Walkthrough

Here is your guide to navigate the SayMotion Portal.

Please note that SayMotion is optimized for desktop only at this time and mobile versions of SayMotion are not supported.

Once you've logged In you can immediately start generating Animations on the default character.

Please check out our Text Prompt Guide for best practices and inspiration. Before we generate an animation in this walkthrough we will show you the portal.

The top bar is your guide and a window selector

Please note that the top bar is interactive and so you can open or close the windows whenever you would like, simply click to open or close the individual boxes.

Viewing & Selecting Characters

Using the left sidebar view your character library, create characters using our built in avatar creators, or upload your custom character.

The top tab in the character library is for your custom characters and the second tab shows you all the default characters available.

To learn more about characters check out our Character Guides in the sidebar

SayMotion Default Character

Custom Character

Ready Player Me Stylized Avatar Creator

Avaturn - Realistic Avatar Creator

Please note that you can't select characters for your animation from this section but view your characters.

To select your character you must use the portal window called "select character" 

Enter Your Text Prompt & Generate Your Animation

Check out our Text Prompt guide for detailed instructions.


To quickly find specific topics or keywords, simply use the search bar. Additionally, if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our team through our new Discord.