What Is The Free Animation Credit Program?

Our Free Animation Credit Program carries a mission: to enrich our animation dataset and elevate the quality of animations within DeepMotion Animate 3D. But it's not just about enhancing animations; it's about empowering you, our invaluable community of users, to become an integral part of this creative process.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Access the Labeling Tool via the DeepMotion Portal

To begin, sign up for DeepMotion for free and access the Labeling Tool within DeepMotion Animate 3D. It's seamlessly integrated into our platform for your convenience.

Step 2: Upload Your Video & Describe the Motion

Your mission is to vividly describe the motion depicted in animations using text labels. Unleash your creativity and delve into the details. Consider the action type, direction, style, trajectory, emotions, and key details. The more vivid and comprehensive, the better! Get more details on how the quality score is determined below.

Step 3: Earn Animation Credits

For every animation you label, you'll earn valuable animation credits. These credits are your ticket to becoming an active participant in our creative ecosystem while contributing to the ongoing enhancement of animations. Simply fill out the text prompt and run your animation job. Once the job is complete, your quality score will determine the number of credits you've earned that month. You can even earn more credits by simply using the rotoscope pose editor to increase the quality of your animations.

Credits Reset Monthly

It's important to note that earned credits reset every month. So, make sure to use them for your projects within that month to get the most out of your contributions!

After processing, your earned credits will be prominently displayed within DeepMotion Animate 3D. This way, you'll always know how you're contributing and where you stand.

In the long run, we're even exploring exciting possibilities like gamification and loyalty rewards for our dedicated labelers. Stay tuned for updates on this front!

How Is The Quality Score Determined?

Your Animation Text Labels and Animation Corrections will be rated with a Quality Score. The higher the Quality Score, the more credits you can earn! 

For Animation Text Labels, ensuring detailed descriptions is key for earning the most credits possible. Be sure to cover all aspects of motion including types of action, motion styles, direction, velocity, emotion, etc. Be aware that, currently, our proprietary model is designed for English, and incorporating alternative languages may impact your score.

Labeling Guidelines

To ensure that your labels are effective and highly valuable, we've established some guidelines:
  •  Keep your descriptions concise (try to keep it to 50 words max) while maintaining informativeness.
  •  Each label should encompass as much detail as possible including action type, direction, style, trajectory speed, emotions, and key details. See the Labeling Considerations section below. 
  •  For lengthier animations, prioritize entity level descriptions, noting durations where necessary.
  •  Utilize inclusive language effectively to describe motion.

Animation Text Label Examples:

Best Description: A person stands up quickly with hunched shoulders and moves 10 feet forward, walks clockwise in an angry manner, and then reaches out with their left arm to grab the left arm of a chair, lowering themselves heavily into the seat, resting their chin in the palm of their left hand which is now resting on the arm of the chair.

Good Description: A person stands up, walks clockwise, and sits down.

Bad Description: A man walks.

Labeling Considerations:
  • Action type: e.g. squat, kick, run
  • Direction: e.g. forward, clockwise, left, right
  • Body parts: e.g. arms, hip, left hand, right arm
  • Velocity: e.g. fast, sprint
  • Trajectory: e.g. clockwise circle/square, Z-shape
  • Relative position: e.g. right hand side, over head
  • Emotion: e.g. angry, joyful, spiritless
  • Style: e.g. effortless, energetic, fluid, mechanical, frantic

Do Not Shy Away From Cultural/Social References & Professional Vocabularies.

Utilize specialized terminologies for each motion discipline if applicable. Examples include:

  • Dancing choreography: Plie, Releve, Pirouette, Pique turns
  • Boxing movements: Jab, Hook, Uppercut, Slip
  • MMA: Roundhouse Kick, Ground and Pound, Sprawl
  • Basketball: Layup, Jump Shot, Crossover
  • Gymnastics motions: Vault, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise

Get Free Animation Credits Today

DeepMotion's Free Animation Credit Program goes beyond earning credits; it's about becoming an integral part of a vibrant community united by a shared passion for animation. By participating, you're actively shaping the future of animation and enhancing the experiences of users worldwide.

So, why wait? Dive into the Labeling Tool & earn more credits to unleash your creativity. Your contributions hold immense value, and together, we'll continue to push the boundaries of animation technology.


To quickly find specific topics or keywords, simply use the search bar. Additionally, if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our team through our new Discord.