Foot Locking

Foot Locking is a feature in DeepMotion's motion capture system that allows you to control the behavior of the feet during animations. This guide provides an overview of the different foot locking modes available and recommendations for their usage.

By understanding and utilizing the various foot locking modes available, you can achieve more accurate and realistic foot movement in your motion capture animations.

Choose the appropriate foot locking mode based on the specific requirements and characteristics of your animation.

Auto Mode

  • Recommended for general cases.
  • Automatic switching between locking and gliding modes of the foot.
  • Enables foot locking when necessary to reduce foot gliding issues.
  • Suitable for most animations to achieve natural foot movement.
  • Available for all subscription plans.

Always Mode

  • Recommended when Auto mode cannot remove all foot gliding issues.
  • Force foot locking on all the time.
  • Keeps the feet locked throughout the animation.
  • Useful when precise control over foot placement is required.
  • Available for Professional or higher plans.

Never Mode

  • Recommended for motions that are completely in the air or in water.
  • Force foot locking off all the time.
  • Ensures the feet remain unlocked throughout the animation.
  • Suitable for animations where the character is airborne or underwater.
  • Available for Innovator or higher plans.

Grounding Mode

  • Turns foot locking off while still enforcing character grounding.
  • Recommended when foot gliding is desired or Auto mode locks the feet for too long during fast leg movements.
  • Allows for controlled foot sliding or gliding on the ground.
  • Suitable for animations where sliding foot movements are intentional.
  • Available for Professional or higher plans.

General Guidelines

Test and iterate.

Experiment with different foot locking modes to achieve the desired effect and address any foot gliding issues.

Combine with other features.

Utilize additional motion capture features, such as motion smoothing or pose refinement, to further enhance the overall quality of your animation in conjunction with foot locking.

Choose the appropriate subscription plan.

Be aware of the foot locking modes available for your subscription plan and select what best suits your needs.

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