Speed Multiplier

The Speed Multiplier feature in DeepMotion's motion capture allows you to adjust the speed of your videos and enhance slow-motion motion capture tracking. This guide will provide you with an overview of why you might need this feature and how to utilize it effectively.

Why do you need the Speed Multiplier feature?

Insufficient frame rate.

Some videos may have a lower frame rate, resulting in choppy or less detailed motion capture. By using the Speed Multiplier feature, you can compensate for the lower frame rate and improve the smoothness of the captured motion.

Enhanced fluid motion.

Focus on achieving smooth and realistic motion rather than extreme speed adjustments that may result in jerky or unnatural movements. Slow-motion videos often require precise and fluid motion capture. The Speed Multiplier feature can help refine slow-motion sequences, allowing for more accurate and visually appealing animations.

How to use the Speed Multiplier feature

Access the Speed Multiplier feature.

Once your video is uploaded to Animate 3D, navigate to the Speed Multiplier section or menu within the animation output settings.

Adjust the speed multiplier.

Utilize the provided controls to fine-tune the speed multiplier value. By increasing the multiplier, you can achieve smoother results by artificially generating the necessary frame rate for motion capture.

Preview the results.

After adjusting the speed multiplier, take advantage of the platform's preview functionality to observe how the motion appears at the modified setting. This allows you to fine-tune the settings to achieve the desired effect.

Rerun to optimize for smoothness.

Experiment with different speed multiplier values to find the optimal setting that produces smooth and natural-looking motion. Consider the context and purpose of your animation to determine the most suitable speed multiplier.

Combine with other features.

Utilize additional motion capture features, such as motion smoothing or rotoscope pose refinement, to further enhance the overall quality of your animation.


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